About Us

The Fox Creek Operators Group (FCOG) is a committed group of Exploration and Production companies working together to ensure the responsible development of the Duvernay play.

Seven member companies participate in FCOG, including Chevron Canada Limited, Encana Corporation, Murphy Oil Company Ltd., Paramount Resources, Repsol Energy Canada Ltd., Shell Canada Limited and XTO Energy Canada Inc.

Together we are a group of companies who work to identify operating efficiencies thereby providing long-term value in the Fox Creek region. We have a joint responsibility to work together to identify opportunities for collaboration.

Key Areas of Focus:

Operational Efficiencies

Objective: identify and deliver operational efficiencies through collaboration, promoting long-term value to the region.

Environmental Responsibility

Objective: reduce operators’ collective environmental footprint through collaboration (i.e. sharing information and infrastructure). This supports FCOG’s efforts to develop and adapt best practices in environmental stewardship for the region.


Objective: communicate FCOG’s mandate and share meaningful information to key stakeholders in order to increase awareness /understanding about FCOG and its collaborative approach to responsible development.